About Us

Sailax Group is proud to launch a new initiative towards a greener and healthier world with our eco-friendly LED products. With over 18 years of experience across Australia, our mission to light each and every household and commercial place with LED lights is on its way. We strive to make it easy for everyone to eliminate the use of halogen and incandescent bulbs which are hazardous to the environment in more than one way.

As LEDs consume almost 80% lesser electricity in comparison to traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs, many LEDs can be lit at the same power consumption to one tradition bulb saving electricity and lowering carbon emissions. Our technology of advanced optics ensures maximum brightness with anti-glare for strain-free lighting. Our products switch on instantly, last much longer and give out no harmful UV radiation.

Sailax group has successfully installed over 3 million units of LEDs and have over 54 experts on the board to continue our constant endeavour to improve our own performance. We give energy saving schemes to both commercial and domestic properties to promote an energy-efficient healthy planet for all.